EQC knows what it’s like running a business. Yet every business is different, even despite our commonalities.

Keeping up with the changing world of enterprise IT is a formidable task, to say the least. EQC Technologies helps keep you in the know, offering solutions fit for whatever your business size, for whatever your IT needs.

Remote Backup – Plan on It

We might talk about some unpleasant topics along the way, but you’re good. You don’t shy away from the concept that bad things can happen to good businesses. After all, you might be a business owner and the company didn’t get started without a lot of passion, focus, zest for change, and risk on your part.

But taking away IT risk factors for companies is part of our job. Everyone needs a remote backup and Disaster Recovery Plan in the instance of an unforeseen occurrence. Whether data damage could happen due to weather, fire, or some other unexpected cause, you need a plan.  (See, we told you this wasn’t necessarily going to be pleasant.)

In the unfortunate occasion of a disaster, EQC can get your company back up and running in a reasonable amount of time, and with an ample amount of restored data. Plan on it.

We’ve Got Your Back(up). Now Here’s How You Benefit

EQC customers benefit by what we’ve learned over the years where enterprise IT and operational needs align. Our first rodeo was quite a while ago, so feel free to take advantage of our expertise and knowledge. Here you can realize increased profits and greater ROI by enlisting such technologies as the cloud.

Speaking of which, the cloud is just another term for the Internet. Here EQC Technologies offers up a secure Internet, one in which you can feel comfortable in storing and retrieving sensitive company data and documents. Only you authorize who accesses your data.

And your business stuff isn’t scattered all over cyberspace.  It’s exclusively yours. It’s there for you whenever and wherever you want it.

Maybe you’d like a combination of the cloud along with how you’re managing your IT now.  Just know that cost savings can be sizable with the cloud given the fact that we house your server, upgrade your software and PCs from our own offices, diligently run your virus protection, and keep up the hardware and software maintenance – which is otherwise one Big.Fat.Price.Tag.

Another great thing about the cloud and EQC Technologies is that we charge you only for what you use. In that way, you can liken us to a utilities company. Except your choices are exactly that: yours.

Need-to-Know Basis

We only want to inform you on a need-to-know basis about the kind of IT we can offer your company. Certainly we don’t want to bog you down with techy terms, nor are we interested in overselling software or services that your company doesn’t really need.

We’re not here to bust your budget. We’re here to help, on a need-to-use basis.

So here’s what we think you need to know about us:

  • We’ve been serving thousands of customers and users through our Rio Rancho offices in addition to our satellite offices located throughout the southwest.
  • We can provide services to supplement your existing IT staff or department. Likewise, if you don’t have one, or cannot afford one, EQC Technologies is the most affordable IT route for any company to go!
  • We can help ascertain your future IT business growth and plan accordingly when we begin working with you. Or we can get you started with the basics, just taking it slow.


One thing for sure, your enterprise infrastructure needs to grow along with your company. For greater profit realization and fewer headaches, let EQC Technologies work for you.

On your schedule.

On your timeline.

On your budget.

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