When it comes to city and local government municipalities, EQC Technologies brings a new kind of technology that matches your fast-moving and ever-changing IT needs.

Daily operations move fast at this level, which is probably stating the obvious.  But here cities and other local bodies set the pace. EQC keeps up by providing you only with the best of our tried and true technologies.

Services we provide in this arena include:

  • Enhancement tools for grant management
  • Project and time management tools
  • Budget management, planning, and implementation solutions
  • Stellar accounting programs
  • Zoning and construction software solutions
  • On-the-spot responses during your crunch times
  • Seasoned techs and engineers who help meet your IT obligations
  • Formidable system security measures
  • HR user tools


We Work How You Work

Keeping things running at a pace where communities can thrive has been one of our primary aims.  We understand that your systems must run accurately and efficiently at all times. We get it that there’s little – if any – time for your Internet to go down. You can’t afford to call on an Internet provider who can’t get there right away when time is of the essence.

Rest assured – that’s just not the way we work. We work how you work.

Whether you need something new, you just want an upgrade, or your Internet or systems are slugging along,  EQC Technologies can furnish you with the most pertinent and time-proven computing solutions.

Your organization can’t take a break. Cities don’t get to shut down. Municipalities have to keep moving, keep growing. We get it. We’re in the business of making things happen so that your projects can keep evolving.

We’re ready to work how you work.

EQC Technologies – Because problems shouldn’t persist, solutions should.