The school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to economize.


-Franklin D. Roosevelt


Schools have been around a lot longer than technology. EQC Technologies has learned a lot from the many New Mexico schools and school districts we serve. And just as a teacher carefully plans their curriculum, we are deliberate about bringing just-right computing solutions to our long-time customers and friends in education.

EQC Education IT

Here are just a few IT provisions that EQC has delivered to the southwest region of schools and school districts:

  • Reputable, on-demand computer troubleshooting
  • Implementation of – and training for – new software
  • Curriculum planning and custom designed software
  • School scheduling tools
  • Budget planning and reporting systems
  • Student assessment tools
  • Hands-on, integrated learning software
  • Confidentiality and IT security safeguards
  • E-rate consulting

What You Need

EQC delivers what institutions need to round off their students’ learning experiences and the processes around them.  Let’s just say that we’re in this together.  We understand what it takes to get your education technology up and running, and even flourishing, within the learning environment.

You tell us what your technology needs are, what it is you want for your classroom, your students, and for your school.  Let us take it from there; we’re in the business of making things happen. And you can trust that we’re not interested in offering unwanted services, but only services that you need.

Your Precious Time

As teaching methodologies and learning processes move forward so does an educator’s and an administrator’s busy day. The number one issue schools tell us when it comes to computers and overall education technology is, not surprisingly, the dreaded time factor. That is, your precious time for which there’s just never enough.

How long will it take to train staff on new software?

What if a computer breaks down in the midst of a crucial timeline?

Here it is right before a school board meeting and your computer isn’t up to speed. Or the budget report system isn’t configuring properly. What next?

Here’s How We Help

You see, we know your time is finite in the truest sense of the word.  We flex to your IT needs, to your schedule, not to ours. We fix it right the first time because we don’t want to keep coming back any more than you want us to.

Although, we must say that we’ve met some pretty fine people and we’ve made some great friends in the education sector. Educators are good people, and we see ourselves that way too.

Let ECQ Technologies proactively apply our ed tech solutions that yield successful, long-lasting outcomes to your school with our spot-on response time. We take the fast road to quick fixes that last. That’s our thing.

EQC Technologies:  Education Tech Solutions that Last – Made to Work Fast