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EQC:  Where Communications Capabilities & Confidence Meet

At EQC Technologies, we begin with the bottom line. For our customers who heavily rely on vigorous communications infrastructures, their bottom line is capability and confidence.

By this we mean confidence that your organization’s telephony, computers, or even video and audio capabilities are performing efficiently and affordably.

When your telephone lines aren’t working properly, when customers or parents can’t reach businesses or schools to leave messages, or even when your fax lines are malfunctioning, work life suddenly becomes very difficult.

We get your communications infrastructure up and running as it should be the first time, in the first place. We have no problem sending our talented engineers and technical workers out to you. We do this with spot-on response times since we know you’d just as soon get your daily operations functioning properly right away.

And while we can’t promise perfect solutions every time – depending on the problem – we sure can try. For this, you have our word.

Affordable Upgrades for Communication

If you’re thinking of improving upon your communications infrastructure, EQC Technologies offers affordable upgrades for Telephone, Computer, Voice & Video communications that result in:

  • More timely email and data receipt
  • Smarter video solutions
  • Foolproof video conferencing
  • Voice mail that is unlimited
  • Reliable landline and mobile calling
  • Affordable and efficient fax transmitting services
  • Text chatting capabilities
  • Halting unwanted inbound or outbound calls
  • Easier connections with your website customers

These are just some of our services. Different organizations have different operational needs, so ask about our custom solutions, or let us recommend some to you.

And don’t worry – we won’t offer you services you don’t need. EQC Technologies is fully vested in our customers, and also in our community.

EQC takes pride in our solid reputation and our strong presence in the southwest region of New Mexico – and beyond! We’ve worked hard to get where we are, and we intend to keep it that way.

Telephony Technology & VoIP

Translating analog sound signals into electrical signals is what makes Telephony Technology work. This process takes shape at the start of a communication request. Once received at the destination, the electrical signals are converted back to analog sound signals.

Pardon our technical explanation here, but breaking it down can be useful in knowing how data communication and IP telephony happens through the Internet.

EQC Tech offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). We’ll step you through our version of this fantastic and easy-to-use technology, which, of course, means making calls over the Internet. Talk about incredibly inexpensive! You can see if it’s right for you.

Get the Best, but Don’t Bust your Budget

All this without busting your budget since it is no small feat to conduct your daily operations with the best technology around, yet affordably so.

Successful convergence of various digital and communication formats is crucial to any institution or business. You don’t have time to work around bugs and technological-laden defects. That’s our job. We’ve got you.

So is it time to consider adding some new and exciting – yet affordable – features to your organization’s communications infrastructure? If so, EQC Technologies can get you started, or even help improve upon existing technologies to make them more reliable and much more efficient, ultimately saving you time and money.

EQC Technologies:  Not Re-inventing the Wheel. Just Making it Work Better.

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