IP Infrastructure and Network Security

At EQC Technologies, we pride ourselves with ensuring steady scalability and easy accessibility to your networks, your Internet, your outcomes, and your work. 

Network infrastructure furnishes paths of communications between users and services, between processes and applications, and between internal and external networks.

EQC Technologies safeguards organizational IP Infrastructures with the utmost in network security and accessibility. We know that organizations we work with largely depend on us for their day-to-day IT operations. We’ve worked hard to gain –and keep—our customers confidence.  That’s not something we take lightly, nor should we.

EQC’s network security tools and services result in smooth operations every day. Your IP Infrastructure is our business. Here’s what we’re particularly paying attention to, and what we mean by Infrastructure:

  • Networking hardware
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • LAN cards
    • Cables
  • Networking software
    • Network security operations
    • Firewalls
    • Operating systems
    • Network operations
    • Network management
  • Networking services
    • DSL
    • Wireless protocols
    • IP addresses
    • T-1 lines

At a high level, what does that really mean?

What this means to you, our EQC customer, is stellar protection of your confidential data and records in areas where vulnerabilities may exist.  EQC Tech does this through innovative testing mechanisms by simulating a network attack.

This may sound formidable, but really it isn’t. Simulation reveals where your network weaknesses are hiding, which in turn provides us with the opportunity to implement the kind of defenses your infrastructures really need.

EQC understands the ever-changing presence of system attacks and vulnerabilities. We’re here to stay on top of them and to squelch them as they arise. That’s why our testing involves regular check-ups of your network and infrastructures.

While our system checks aren’t necessarily designed to be a one-time deal, you have a say in how often you’d like us to run your Security Landscape Report (SLR). After our initial findings, you decide exactly what you want done –if anything—about security discrepancies that might be uncovered in accordance with your SLR.

Our Security Approaches

Our risk-based security approaches have been fine-tuned over the years based on what we’ve found as common (and emerging!) areas where schools, businesses and institutions need particularly strong IP network protection.

Where needed, we can employ rigid data obfuscation techniques along with encryption methods to protect the following:

  • your confidential information
  • other sensitive data and records
  • secure passwords for your authorized users

Making your IP Infrastructure Work as it Should

You want a network that works right when you need it, not later in the day when your system might be functioning better.  Right now.  Right this moment.

Your organization’s Infrastructures must be in sync for them to work as they should. One small glitch can affect your entire day. We fully comprehend infrastructure intricacies so that commands, prompts, all those technical details are on us, not on you.

The operational state of your IP infrastructure is paramount.

EQC keeps it running so you can keep on doing what you do best, which is to manage your school, your classrooms, your business, your organization, or your city.

EQC Technologies, Getting System Operability Right the First Time



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