IP Surveillance and Physical Security

IP Surveillance and Physical Security (installation) have come a long way. Active and formidable responses to violence or near-violence in otherwise peaceful settings have brought a call of action for those charged with keeping schools safe, municipality substructures, and even capturing things that go awry in businesses or retail.

EQC Technologies can bring peace of mind with our reliable IP video surveillance solutions such as equipment and software. We are a company dedicated to the design and installation of surveillance equipment.

Our surveillance and physical security technologies (design and installation only) capture moving images that can provoke alerts, pushing them on to key personnel such as security, campus police, administrators, enterprise owners and the like. Why wait until something tragic happens? Why not consider full protection and safety on every level, at every point in time?

EQC customers who have enlisted our surveillance and security systems appreciate real-time video capture by way of enhanced, high definition video, video servers that store hours of video, easy replay for video review, and much more.

What You Can Expect

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect when the unexpected happens.  We help you shortcut the process with a surveillance and security plan that integrates building management, access controls, and alarm systems.

We offer:

  • Single- and multiple-site surveillance
  • Event-driven system networks
  • Efficient video searching capabilities
  • Analog-based physical security technologies
  • Cloud-based video streaming that frees up organizations’ bandwidths
  • Video analytics
  • Full network video recorders
  • Remote access, and easy-to-use access controls
  • Training for key users and troubleshooters
  • Vigorous recording capabilities
  • Video configurations that ignore pre-defined, non-moving images such as trees, landscapes, etc.

EQC Tech ensures robust network video recorders that result in powerful and flexible physical security management.

Automated broadcasts guarantee the crucial video capture with HD Megapixel Video. Megapixels contain 1 million pixels which serve to offer larger image resolution and the ability to zoom in and out countless times without disturbing image quality, which is often the case with lesser resolution.

Our specialized camera sensors yield unparalleled superiority with fierce technology that reveals criminal actions along with the culprits.

Smarter School Surveillance Options

DQC Technologies offers Smarter School Surveillance Options which always involve greater affordability along with high-value technology. One way we accomplish this is to provide educational institutions and municipalities the option of cloud security and surveillance.

This negates the need for pricey energy consumption since you pay only for what you use with our cloud-based IP surveillance solutions. Affordably set monthly fees, along with troubleshooting, upgrades, and security system monitoring are prime features of our cloud-based security services.

You no longer need to find the storage space for cumbersome physical security hardware and DVRs with our cloud services because we house the hardware that makes your surveillance and physical platforms run. And if there’s a glitch in the system, what can be faster than your security and surveillance provider being right there for solution implementation?

New Security Standard: Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)

Due to the increasing need for interoperability of overall IP surveillance and physical security technologies, the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard was developed. Its first aim was that of bringing vendors together for improved video technologies where security and surveillance is concerned.

Now ONVIF is extending its standards to include all areas of physical security, including access control. Vendors are partnering with manufacturers and distributors in order to adopt the open-standard for greater protection in public and private entities. DQC Technologies is proud to be part of this initiative by partnering with a list of distributors and vendors that is constantly growing.

Some of the industries who are—or will be—taking advantage of this new security standard include:

  • Education: K-12 schools, colleges and universities
  • Large, small and midsize businesses
  • Municipal utility companies such as water treatment facilities, airports, and electric and gas facilities
  • Parks, recreation centers, after-school programs
  • Retail stores

We Won’t Sleep Until You Do

EQC takes security technologies as seriously as our customers. We feel your concerns, and our IP Surveillance & Physical Security Systems capture such crimes as thefts in progress and vandalisms to property.

EQC Technologies works with school administrators to thwart potentially violent situations. If we can help protect our precious human commodities, we consider it one of our most important challenges, and one for which we won’t sleep until you do.

EQC Technologies:  Taking a Stand with New Standards in Surveillance & Security

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